Weekly Mobile Digest - 12 Feb 2021

Hyundai says it is not in talks with Apple to make self-driving cars

We keep hearing lots of interesting rumours regarding the self driving car project at Apple. The project supposedly named ‘Titan’ first rumoured 2014–2015 looked dead in the water after a number of employees were laid off in 2019.

Recently news had been swirling that Apple were engaging in talks with car manufacturers but has been put to bed. Still intrigued to see where this goes. Will they look to make their own car? Or look to sell the tech required to automakers to use in their own vehicles?

MacBooks might be losing the Touch Bar

Honestly I can’t say I’ll miss it. While on the surface it looks like a neat feature in reality it was something that I rarely used as my main focus is always on my screen. Most people can touch type these days so having to stop and look down seems to have been a deal breaker. Maybe they have some analytics to back up my opinion!

Users can now unlock their iPhone with the Apple Watch if face mask is detected

This is a great feature and something I am very looking forward to. While I do like Face ID, it has been a pain since the beginning of the pandemic so have to constantly have to put in your passcode when out with a mask on. Oh how spoiled we have become by Touch ID / Face ID. Remember when the only way to unlock your phone was with a passcode?

iOS 14.5 lets users change the default music service for your iPhone

As a Spotify user myself, this has been a long time coming. It’s always frustrated me that I haven’t been able to control music playback using voice commands. Glad to see this change finally come through, hopefully their will be app updates soon to help support the integration

Google looking to add Apple style anti-tracking feature to Android

Seems a strange idea for a platform who’s main design goal is spy on end users as much as possible to facilitate better ad targeting. Sounds more like they want to be seen to be protecting user privacy as users are becoming more aware of the issues, but without actually doing anything to protect said users

Leak reveals new Android 12 design

Glad I’m not the only one who thought it looked a lot like iOS after viewing the screenshots. Continuing the trend of both platforms copying features / ideas from each other.

Apple Maps can now report accidents, hazards and speed checks

We’ve come a long way since Apple Maps disastrous launch and it’s great to see it getting these features. However I still feel it has a long way to go to winning back my confidence. I still find myself reluctantly using Google Maps for navigation.